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Turbo Wax Paint Protection

Turbo Wax Products Choice and Best Seller! Highly Recommended! Once you try this product you will be amazed at the show winning award look! This product is for real! By far the best paint protection that we have found in the market!Turbo Wax has created this unique water-based tri-polymer emulsion that shines and shimmers like the finest of carnauba based waxes while having the durability of a polymer sealant, Turbo Wax Paint Protection is formulated especially for todays exotics and sport compact cars paints, Turbo Wax uses the best ingredients in the market, creating the best blending of a polymers for a high gloss finish, Turbo Wax its one extraordinary polymer wax.Deep Shine Formulated with Polymers Safe for all car finishes Specially formulated for today's exotics and sport compact cars

Our Price: $17.50