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Bracket Racing... Southern Style

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2014

Before I share with you my thoughts on racing down South, let me update you on our Super Comp efforts over the last couple outings.  Memorial Day weekend found us at Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA LODRS event.  Our S&W 4-link dragster ran well and Kevin was on his game, but we lost a tight one at 10 cars, ending our day.  Five days later we were in Englishtown N.J. for the NHRA Summernationals. Again, our S&W dragster ran flawlessly, running 8.899 on our final time run on Thursday and Kevin was his typical self, chopping the tree down on all three time runs.   First round Friday morning, we were ready .009 on the tree 8.904 on the track, but no win light. Our opponent was .008 and 8.903!!  One and done lost by .002.  That's racing, can't beat yourself up too much.  Just get ready for the next race on the schedule.


Now, on to bracket racing, southern style.  I'm not going to compare the level of talent between the North and South; suffice it to say there are great drivers no matter where you race.  I want to share with you my opinions on 1/8 mile racing. Eighth mile racing is what's happening down South.  It's the way of life in the South and not on just the small backwoods tracks.  Gainesville, Orlando, and South Georgia Motorsports Park are all NHRA mile member tracks that run their bracket program on the 1/8 mile.  John and I run his Camaro in Super Pro and, like the tracks up North, the payout is car count driven.  With buybacks, Super is always a 6 round race and Pro & DOT are similar to the counts up North.  I say this because my number 1 reason for liking 1/8 mile racing is the speed at which the program runs.  In Florida, John & I can leave home around 2:00, the gates open at 3, time trials at 4, and eliminations about 8pm (after 2 time runs). We can win the race and be home before midnight.  Up North, the gates open at 9 or 10 am and if you win, you're lucky to be home by midnight.  I already said car counts are similar, so what's the difference?  The 1/8 mile!  It seems to me there is far less downtime due to breakage, less clean ups, and when there is one, it can get done faster.   It also seems to me 1/8 mile racing is just easier on the car and the crew.  And in the land where the temps are in the 80's in January and soar well into 3 digits during the summer, anything that reduces wear & tear on the participants is alright with me. Don't think I'm proposing we all go 1/8 mile racing, I'm not; I'm just saying it has its place and now I know where and why!

That's it for now; you can catch me on Facebook through my Hookdaddy Motorsports page.  I hope to see you all at the races sometime soon. ~Don Scholl  aka Hookdaddy

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