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The Birth of Hookdaddy

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014

           Before I tell you how the handle "Hookdaddy" came to be, let me update you on Hookdaddy Motorsport's latest efforts on the Super Comp front.   The first weekend in August found us at Atco Raceway for the NHRA D-1 LODRS event.  Friday's two time runs found us hovering around the 8.90 standard and looking forward to Saturday's eliminations.  Saturday morning broke dreary and wet and while we were able to get the scheduled time run on Saturday morning, Mother Nature finally shut us down and pushed first round to Sunday morning.  First round looked to be a good one as Kevin paired with last year's #3 in the division, Lee Ream.   I'll let Kevin tell you that as he posted on Facebook -

 "FYI guys this was against Lee Ream, who's had my number the last few years and was #3 in the division last year .... I was set up for an 003 and told dad if I'm red, oh well, I knew I'd need it and we thought we were set up for the 90.... Turns out it was fast and I killed a lot late... 8.68 into the run is where I was off the throttle per the data logger .... Yes I was a stripe hog but when you don't think you need to kill any, why give the big mph car a chance to see your dump and fly around you for the stripe... luckily it was just enough brake pedal to be safe..." 

 How about .000 and 8.901 taking .0411. That gave us the #2 spot on the qualifying sheet (Tom Stalba was 8.900 the pair behind us) and set us up for a buy in round 4.  Round 2 was .004 dropping to 8.903 to set up round three against Bill Hardifer in his S&W dragster.   Weather was closing in and unfortunately we spun .03 off the 60 foot and that was that.  Shortly after, racing was cancelled and the event finished at the Cecil County LODRS.

The next weekend found us at Cecil County Dragway for event 7&8 on the MASCA schedule.  We came into the weekend 4th in points and looking to move up.    Saturday we qualified #7 with an 8.912. Won first round dropping to 8.906 but lost round 2 when we slowed to 8.92. Kevin won the starting line .017 to .023 but didn't have enough.  Sunday, Kevin was on a mission. He qualified #1 8.901 and marched to the semis where our 8.889 lost to an 8.892. We left Cecil tied for second in points with one weekend left.

Back to Cecil next weekend for the LODRS.  Ok I'd rather forget this one. For some reason the powers that be decided to scrape & drag the track just before our first round. Spun almost .05 off the 60'. Then to make it worse Kevin managed to misjudge the stripe and gave it back. Oh well, he's won plenty for us at the stripe, so we'll just chalk this one up and head to E-town the weekend after Labor Day.




OK, how did I get the name Hookdaddy?  In the 70's and early 80's I ran a couple of Chevys with the name Captain Hook on the doors.  A few of my friends referred to me by that named due to my finish line driving style in those days  Many years later as the internet message boards were becoming common place, I recognized that in my capacity as V.P of Marketing  at S&W that we needed to be on them. As I was setting up my account on "Bracket Talk" it asked me for a "username."  I was ready to use my own name when Kevin told me "dad, nobody uses their own name, you can put your real name in your signature" So I figured it was time to bring back Captain Hook. Unfortunately, there was already someone using it.  Kevin said "you know dad, I wasn't even born when you started using Captain Hook.  Why don't you switch it to Hookdaddy?" And the rest is history.




That's it for now; you can catch me on Facebook through my Hookdaddy Motorsports page.  I hope to see you all at the races sometime soon.

Just think I saw the birth of Captain Hook! Your Impala will always be one of my favorite all time bracket cars. Glad to see your success with your son! Look forward to reading your blog
Posted by Jeff Christman on Friday, August 22, 2014, 10:52 AM
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