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The Weekend of the lesser evil.

Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014

The Weekend of the lesser evil.
This season has been strange for me. Most seasons by now I would have raced the last weekend in March and every weekend since. But no this winter was so cold and just would not go away so the end of March was to cold for me and then it became the rainy season. So I have been to the track once so far and made 1 run. I thought we would go to Maple Grove and that didn?t work so well, it rained the night before so as the sun came out the track got hot and the water came up thru to the top. So the sun is out and we are not racing, for almost 3 hours. Then we start running again and it does start to rain and stop and rained again and we are done for the day.
So the next weekend I?m going to Maple Grove, I don?t even leave the house and it?s raining. Now this weekend there are 2 S/C events at Maple Grove and Atco is running Top Dragster and Top Sportsmen along with the index cars. I am going to try Atco and see how the fresh laid blacktop will work. I think this weekend will be the choice of the lesser evil. Fresh blacktop or water coming up thru the track.

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