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Trying to Get This Blog thing up to speed!

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014



Trying to get this Blog thing up to speed.


Over the past month or so, I have been asking different people about writing for our Blog system. I talked to everyone here at the shop, and some other people that I've had in the back of my mind. These people were 'targeted' months ago, knowing that we would soon be adding the blogs to our websites.

            Operating under the premises of S&W performance group, we have added some things that many of you may not be aware of;

            S&W Race Cars; we build great race cars for current drag racing legends. We also build our own line of performance parts and kits for you to build your own race car, or add some performance parts to your hot rod, what ever it might be.

            S&W Precision Specialties; We build things like cooling systems for nuke plants and very slippery suspension bushings for brand new corvettes, to store fixtures and repurposed granite tables for who knows what. Most of these customers are looking for good quality machine and fab work, just like we do on their race cars. Give us a call, we do this type of work for anybody with a vision.

         CamaroGuys;  this was a stand alone website that was based on selling Camaro parts, to the world of Camaro performance enthusiasts. They were doing a pretty good job at selling S&W parts, so we brought them onboard and made CamaroGuys a part of S&W.

         MustangGuys;  this is a Mustang start up that covers the large market of Ford performance people and specializes in Mustang parts. They were also selling our S&W Mustang bolt-on parts. Now, they have become a part of S&W performance group, and play a big role in helping us develop our strong Mustang following.

            That's a little background on what we are developing here at S&W. Now, it's time to get back to this blog stuff... we have recruited a number of writers to help bring our blogs up to the standards that our race cars are built to.


Writing for Camaro Guys:


Jeanne Linke: 2nd gen stock eliminator racer and long time Camaro Guys supporter.


Vinnie Budano: Pro Mod driver and Scott Shafiroff racing engines Right hand man.


Writing for Mustang Guys


Bobby Fazio: He's another 2nd gen racer in stock and super stock and all around math wiz.

John Dustin: 2nd gen racer and IHRA world champion john races 10.90,9.90,8.90 and bracket racers when time allows.

Joe Grippo: Joe has a really nice mustang he bracket races and he also comes from a racing family, his Dad and brother both race too. Joe is into all kinds of motorsports you my see him at any types of events and see his coverage on



Writing for our own S&W blog:


Don Scholl:

Don was a famous racer back in the day, and one of the tough bracket racers at Maple Grove for years. We were lucky enough to have him bring his experience to S&W for a number of years. Now, he is a full time super comp crew chief and car owner.



John Burk:

Our own in house engineer here at S&W. John works on our new product development and heads up the CAD design work for the commercial division of S&W Precision Specialties. John has a wide racing background from building cars to bracket racing, to wrenching on fuel funny cars and driving SCCA Hill Climbs. John has already written for us about his Indy 500 trip this year.



Jill Canuso:

Jill is our marketing department and also a racer. Currently a jet car jockey, but she has been spotted in midgets, monster trucks and even flat track racing motorcycles. So, she brings a wide variety of racing experience to our blog also.



These are some of the people that you will be hearing from thru our blog system on all 3 of our websites. They are some very interesting people with very different approaches to racing as you know it. We hope to keep you interested, and coming back to see what we are all doing.


Plus, you will get to hear my 2 cents also, thanks for reading. ~Scott Weney


ALWAYS great to see S& W online - facebook and now a new blog!!!
Posted by MoPar (SkiNNy) MiKe on Monday, June 16, 2014, 11:03 AM

Great to see this from S&W I am so glad to get parts and info from them Thanks for good service, and please keep us updated All the best from Mikael
Posted by MB MOTOR on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 3:03 AM
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