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125″ Solid Mounted Rear Altered Blueprint

Part# 06-125-BP

Designed to meet SFI 10.2 spec.  6.00 – 7.49 second e.t.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in

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  • Is the cost of the blueprints refunded if you purchase the frame kit?

    Yes, if you buy the same kit as the blueprint, we will take that off the price

    Question by : Bill on Feb 17, 2020 05:27:55 PM
  • Can you order the blueprints with modifications, such as a wider width in the drivers area for large drivers?

    We can modify the prints a bit. Contact our engineer (800) 523-3353 ext. 137 and talk to him about changes your are looking for

    Question by : Bill on Feb 17, 2020 05:26:43 PM
  • Does the blueprints include dimensions for building a chassis for a 23\" width rollbar instead of the standard 21\" width? Are the details/dimensions for setting up a Ford 9\" rear-end included?

    The blue prints include all the information to build the kit. The kit is based on a 21" car. You should talk to our engineer, John, (800)523-3353 extension 137  about going to the 23" wide. But the blueprints will still be the 21"

    Question by : Bill on Mar 15, 2022 03:59:43 PM

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