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200″ Front Engine Nostalgia Dragster Chassis Kit;

Part# 05-004

200″ wheelbase, front engine dragster chassis kit.  Perfect for nostalgia dragster racing.  Meets SFI spec 2.4C  6.00 – 7.49. Kit includes all chrome moly tubing, cut, bent and notched (where possible).  Jig welded front axle, 1/4″ Aluminum mid motor plate blank. Aluminum front motor plate blanks.   9″ Ford rear with Olds ends.  Rear housing mounts. Anti-rotation device.  Blue print.   NOTE – this is a chrome moly kit and must be TIG welded.

NOTE: This is an Oversize Truck Freight Item 


NOTE: Shipping charges, for this Oversize Truck Freight item, will be calculated by an S&W Performance Group representative and will be charged separately. You will also receive an email, direct from S&W, which includes the Oversize Truck Freight total.  

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in

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  • Can you completely TIG weld this chassis? What\'s the cost

    We do TIG weld chassis here, call our sales staff 800-523-3353 for price quotes

    Question by : chuck on Dec 30, 2019 12:19:58 PM
  • On the 6.0 cert front motor dragster chassis kit, what is the driver hoop width and is there an option without the rear end as i already have a nice mark williams T/F rear end

    The driver width is 21". You can buy it without the rear housing

    Question by : Chris on Jan 7, 2020 08:23:17 AM
  • So this kit has a front axle and rear housing ?

    Yes the kit includes a bolt-on front axle and 9" Ford rear housing

    Question by : dshaw6776 on Apr 3, 2020 09:07:07 AM
  • 200 in Front motor dragster welded with rear end and steering. Thanks, Eddie I\'m so tired of trying to find a used one that is not 30 years old.

    We can weld the kit and install whatever you would like. Just call Randy (800)523-3353 extension 115 to get pricing and schedule

    Question by : Eddie on Oct 1, 2020 12:44:00 PM
  • What would shipping and handling be on this chassis kit to zip 92028? I presume no PA tax? Also, is there about to be a big holiday sale on this kit? I would hate to pull the trigger on a purchase just in time for a sale to hit... Thanks, Eric

    No planned sales pending for chassis kits. Going to California is about $500 - $550 range. Needs to go to a business address. Call in and talk to one of the sales staff with an exact address,  they can give you an exact amount (800)523-3353

    Question by : egates17 on Oct 1, 2020 09:55:10 AM
  • Shoulder loop how wide

    our engineer, John (800)523-3353 extension 137 can look at the prints and answer your questions about the kit

    Question by : John on Dec 13, 2020 01:07:39 PM
  • how wide is the cage for the front engine dragster? it needs to fit a 6\'2 300lb guy

    Cage is about 21" wide

    Question by : A&A AUTOMOTIVE on Aug 13, 2021 10:36:00 AM
  • Can front engine dragster kit be made with a shorter wheel base?

    You can modify the wheel base. John, our engineer, (800) 523-3353 extension 137 can help.

    Question by : Warren Shaner on Aug 27, 2021 03:27:00 PM
  • I have looked at this in the past and ready to purchase Can you tell me what current lead time would be for this kit? If I paid $1000 deposit can I pick it up and pay balance in cash when it is ready to pick up Thank you. If you would like to call me regarding this I can be reached @ (203) 415-4148.

    Lead time on this kit about 3 weeks. We would need $1,800.00 deposit. You would need to call and talk to a sales person. (800)523-3353

    Question by : Craig on Dec 10, 2021 02:00:53 PM
  • How much to ship to 95060? Thanks, Sean

    Shipping prices are constantly changing. Trucking companies will only quote  24 hour lead time. Right now it looks to be about $800.00 - $900.00 to a business address.  

    Question by : Sean on Dec 10, 2021 01:13:36 PM
  • How much to add a torsion bar front axel with radius rods and fully weld the chassis?

    For assembly pricing, you need to talk to Randy. (800) 523-3353 extension 115 He quotes all shop builds

    Question by : Larry73whitener@gmail.com on Jan 25, 2022 03:34:54 PM
  • Is it possible to get the 200″ Front Engine Nostalgia Dragster Chassis Kit in mild steel tubing for nhra spec\'s running 9 sec\'s. Thank you

    we do not offer dragster chassis in mild steel, just chrome moly

    Question by : Al on Apr 27, 2022 04:38:28 PM

    Yes, we make it is the 2.4D spec at no extra charge

    Question by : STEVE MORGAN on Aug 2, 2022 03:48:43 PM
  • How much to weld the car up

    You will need to call and talk to Randy (800)523-3353 extension 115 for pricing of the shop doing the welding

    Question by : Matt on Aug 22, 2022 10:19:08 AM
  • How much for a complete rolling 200 inch front engine dragster with the torsion bar front suspension/ Radius rods,steering and body to front of engine?

    for welded pricing, you will need to talk to Randy (800)523-3353 extension 120.  

    Question by : Larry Whitener on Nov 30, 2022 03:50:20 PM
  • Hi, If I pick up the kit, how big is the shipping box / skid? Thanks.

    If you are picking up, several bundles of tubes, several boxes of tubing. The longest tubes are 170 inches. They are not on a pallet

    Question by : Ryan on Feb 9, 2023 02:15:18 PM

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