4-Point Weld in Street Bar 1-3/4 X .120 DOM

Part# 13-400-DOM

4 Point street bar includes a main hoop, seat bar, rear runners, and four floor plates. 1 3/4 x .120 DOM. Tubes will be bent and notched. Kit is designed to be welded in. Please select vehicle below.


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1 3/4 x .120 DOM Mild Steel

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Weight 50 lbs

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  • Whatis the difference in application of the 3/4 .083 and .120 CM bars? Car is a light 280z.

    Certain sanction bodies call out different specs on tubing diameter and wall thickness.  The .083 wall chrome moly is lighter than the .120 wall chrome moly if both are 3/4 diameter tube

    Question by : DavidC on Mar 10, 2020 04:33:31 PM
  • What are the application differences between the .083 and .120 CM bars? I want this for scca purposes in a light 280z.

    The 4-point street bars are usually not enough to meet racing requirements of sanctioning body rules. As for the material, the sanctioning rules will call out material type and wall thickness minimum. The chrome moly will usually be lightest (because your allowed a thinner wall and still get the strength)

    Question by : DavidC on Mar 5, 2020 10:56:07 AM
  • Hello, I am looking at this 4 point weld in roll bar for my 85 Toyota Corolla rear wheel drive. I would like to know where the mounting plates actually sit on the car for where they are to be welded for the front main hoop and the rear bars. Thank you.

    The 4-point street bar is 13-400. It is a generic number for all 4-points. You need to specify what vehicle. In this case, it is a 11-5048. The kit is bent specifically for that car. The plates are welded to the floor based on were you place the main hoop. Main hoop exact placement depends on where the driver is seated.  A tall driver with sit in a different position than short driver. The rear plates usually mount above the rear shock area

    Question by : Christian on Apr 23, 2020 08:53:01 AM

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