4-Point, Weld-in Street Bar 1 3/4 x .134 EWS

Part# 13-400 

4 Point street bar includes a main hoop, seat bar, rear runners, and four floor plates. Tubes will be bent and notched. Kit is designed to be welded in. Please select vehicle below.


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1 3/4 x .134 EWS Mild Steel

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Weight 50 lbs

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  • I have a 79 Malibu 2 door classic I’m wanting the main hoop harness bar and rear pro street bars I cannot find a kit can I call and order that

    You can order individual parts for all our kits. Just call in and talk to one of our sales staff (800)523-3353

    Question by : Jmracing91 on Jan 27, 2020 02:00:21 PM
  • I am interested in the 4 point weld in street bar. I have a 1965 Ford Fairlane station wagon. Do you have anything that will fit this model?

    Part # 13-400 is our "universal number" we use for 4 point bars. You just need to call out the vehicle  you want it to fit. We then use the measurements from the 8-point kit to make the 4 point.

    Question by : John on Jan 31, 2020 04:07:08 PM
  • Looking at a four point 1 3/4 .134 wall, for my 83 Monte Carlo, on the drop down there is two options, one is \"thru dash\" does that mean thru the rear speaker openings? If not, is that an option? thanks

    The through dash / around dash is based on a windshield runner design on 10-point roll cages, not a 4-point street bar. The bars that go through the rear package tray  are called pro-street rear runners

    Question by : Michael on Mar 10, 2020 04:18:13 PM
  • I have this weld in bar. Do you have any instructions on where this was designed to be mounted on the floor? Thanks

    Our 4-point street bar is from our 8-point roll bar with some tubes deleted. Depending on what car you bought it for (our kits are vehicle specific), you might have gotten some 6" x 6" plates (uni-body car gets plates). The main hoop is installed based on driver seated position. once that's in place, position the other tubes  

    Question by : Kenneth on Mar 19, 2020 01:51:43 PM
  • Looking at the 4 point street roll bar ,66 mustang . Can this be used in a convertible ?

    I'm not sure. Please contact our sales staff  (800)523-3353. They can give you the measurements of the kit that you can compare to your car. If not, we can bend you a kit

    Question by : Blue stang on May 15, 2020 03:23:53 PM
  • I\'m interested in a 4 point street bar for my 2006 Mustang. On your weld in kit where do the rear bars attach and at what point (seat, rear shelf) do they enter to be mounted? Any information and/or source for pictures would be appreciated. Thank you. Rob

    On the Mustang,  the rear bars clear the rear seat and go through the package tray. You will place the main hoop, based on the position of the driver's seat.

    Question by : ROBERT on Jun 12, 2020 07:37:41 AM
  • Hello , I\'m wondering if your part# 13-400 mustang street bars will work w/ a convertible body , im sure main hoop might be the same , but rear bars are different ?

    the 4-point street bars are based on the 8-point roll bar kits, we just remove some tubing. If we offer an 8-point that fits your car with a convertible top, then we can make a 4-point

    Question by : Alan on Jul 8, 2020 08:36:51 AM

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