9″ Ford Rear Housing With Back Brace to Customer’s Specifications

Part# 45-469B

Custom 9″ ford housing with back brace for ladder bar or 4-link. Customer will need to fill out housing spec sheet. Housing ends, 4-link or ladder bar brackets, and shock mounts will all be welded on. Housing will have fill drain and center section mounting studs.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in

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  • I\'d like to order one of these rearend very soon, I was just wondering if it would be possible to send you the axle brackets I already have and use those instead on the ones you supply. Mine have a tad more adjustability by the looks and my shock mounts etc are set up for them. Also whats the lead time on one of these axle housings. Thirdly, do you keep a record of the housing in case I need replacement in the future, or in case id like to order axle shafts from you when I get to that point

    We can install your brackets. We do try and keep copies of rears (under the customer's file) . Usually build times on rear housings is 2 - 2 1/2 weeks  

    Question by : Bruce on Mar 4, 2020 09:33:43 AM
  • What is the thickness of the axle tubes? Are the shock mount brackets installed at the standard 10 degrees?What is the turnaround time, once an ordered is placed? This is for a 65 Nova and the 4 link sub-frame is not centered in the car, it\'s offset to the right 1\" with the pinion centered in the housing. By doing so, the folks that built the car originally, put spacers on the right side (approx. 1.03\" 3--7/16\" ones) and one 7/16\" spacer on the left. I moved one of the right spacers to the left side and it works out better for clearances. Will this requires the right axle tube to be 1\" longer than the left one? With your support bar under the housing, can I use it to place my jack stands under it, as I can\'t place them under the axle housing as I\'ve been doing? One of your competitors from California asks for more detailed information than you do ie: 1. The dimensions from inside frame rails to the fender lips. 2. The tire width. 3. The back spacing of the wheels. 4. Clearances between the outside frame rails to the fender lips and the outside clearance from the tire to the fender lip. I am pondering replacing the whole thing and straightening the mess out. Thanks Jim Yates

    The axle tubes are .188 wall DOM tubing. We can build the rear to whatever pinion off-set and bracket placement you want. (most of the time we do the center pinion) It might be easier to place the tires under the car where you want them.  Measure the distance between the wheels (that would be to axle face to axle face on the rear). to make the rear center pinion, the measurement from the pinion to each end would be the same. Yes, there are times when the tube length on each side of the rear is different even if the pinion is in the center Currently about 3 weeks build time.

    Question by : Jim Yates on Oct 19, 2021 02:08:22 PM

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