SAE 30 – Beak-In Oil 1 Case (12 Quarts) PennGrade

Part # 71206 1 case (12 quarts)

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PennGrade 1® Break-In Oil SAE 30 provides wear control for critical engine parts while allowing the engine components to seat, resulting in maximum engine performance and life. It is formulated with premium base stocks and a state-of-the-art additive system. Available in SAE 30. PennGrade 1® Break-In Oil SAE 30 is suitable for use in BOTH diesel and gasoline fueled engines. This makes PennGrade 1® Break-In Oil SAE 30 the optimum choice for professional engine builders.



PennGrade Break-In Oil is a SAE 30 mono-grade oil formulated specifically to meet the critical lubrication needs of new engines during break-in while allowing proper seating of rings and component run-in. Enhanced levels of zinc (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate a.k.a. ZDDP) and superior oil film strength from Penn Grade™ base oils offer complete anti-wear, anti-scuffing protection for even the most demanding of applications such as those presented by break-in of engines with flat tappet cams.

PennGrade® Motor Oil is built from the legacy of PennGrade 1® High Performance Motor Oil, or “The Original Green Oil®”. PennGrade 1® uses a unique base oil cut from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil. The oil has a unique green color and the ability to stick and cling to metal parts, offering full film strength and prevent excess wear caused by dry startups. Its enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) protect vital engine components such as “flat tappet & roller cams”, and it has been the first choice of engine builders and automotive manufacturers for decades. About PennGrade 1: Based in Lebanon, Ind., our company has Indiana roots as deep as the traditions and values of the “Hoosier” state. The D-A Lubricant Company has been the proud manufacturer of quality lubricant products since 1919. Today, the D-A Lubricant Company includes the brands PennGrade®, PennGrade 1® as well as D-A Lubricants.

High Performance Oils: PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils are specifically designed for racing, classic, historic, vintage, hot rod and muscle car engines.

Motorcycle Oils: The best motorcycle oils to keep your motorcycle running at peak performance. PennGrade 1® is the top pick for the best motorcycle oil for your bike.

Gear Lubricants: Prevent wear and oxidation formation with PennGrade 1® premiere gear lubricants. Plus get exclusive access to PennGrade 1® experts and customer service.

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