Swing Arm Dragster Conversion Kit

Part# 05-019

Converts 225″ solid chassis to 235″ swing arm chassis. rear clip is jig assembled  and welded. Spliced to top and bottom rails behind mid-plate. 05-019 instructions


Upper link package with (8) FK chromoly rod ends, torsion bar links, Strange Engineering aluminum 4-link housing, parachute mount, moly brackets, adjustable lower shock mounts. Cutting and welding required. Note: kit is available without rear housing

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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 18 in

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  • price on 05-019,both with and without rear housing and approximate ship price to 34748,,,leesburg fl....thanx

    The kit is shipped on a pallet by truck. Would need to go to a business address. Shipping should be between $250.00 and $350.00 depending on the exact address and when the order gets placed (shipping company pricing is always changing). If you do not want the rear housing, it will save you $717.00

    Question by : duane on Mar 16, 2020 11:58:31 AM
  • I already use the Strange Engineering aluminum housing in my hard tail and would like to re use it. . if I used my housing is it a plug and play or will it need to be modified for the 4 link brackets. 2002 race tech chassis

    You can use your existing rear and we would discount the kit since you won't the the supplied rear. We just need the diameter of your upper and lower rails. We would supply you with the splice tubing to fit

    Question by : Brian on May 20, 2020 04:59:29 PM
  • Hello, Would you have a mono shock swing arm option available for converting a hardtail to x 4 link? Also would like to use my existing floater housing. Thank you for your time.

    we do not offer a mono shock configuration. They are dual shock. You should be able to use your housing

    Question by : Lucas Fischer on Nov 14, 2020 03:07:34 PM
  • How much with out rear housing

    Yes you can purchase without the Strange rear housing. You need to call and talk to a salesperson (800)523-3353 to get the exact discount off the kit

    Question by : Joe on Jan 24, 2021 05:20:07 PM
  • I upgraded my rear engine dragster with one of your pre-welded kits in 2007, which I love, and won 1st day out with it! My helper jacked my dragster up under the wishbone and it looks like it is bent. Which wishbone do I need to order to replace the damaged one? Thanks, Gary Phares 2477 John Mosby Hwy Boyce, VA 22620

    looking at your original order, it appears you need part #05-056 swing arm (it does not include the rod ends) It would be better to call in and talk to Randy (800)523-3353 extension 115. Just to confirm what you need

    Question by : Contndr on Sep 1, 2021 09:33:31 AM
  • Do you have a picture of how this is attached to the dragster frame? Also, what is the price without the rear end? Thank you

    There is a link to the instructions on the part number. The kit can be purchased without the Strange aluminum housing. Currently, it would save you about $700.00

    Question by : Mike Machart on Dec 29, 2021 08:43:58 AM
  • Which shocks and springs are required for this kit?

    We recommend double adjustable shock with a ride height of  about 14". Usually a big block uses a 110 lbs. spring, small block about 95 lbs. spring

    Question by : Tom Mason on Apr 13, 2022 04:40:30 PM

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