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Universal Welded Frame Kit

Part# 36-997

S&W Universal Welded Lower Frame kit is a jig welded frame that guarantees your build will start straight and square. Choose from three front a-arm hub to hub widthd 52 3/16″, 55 3/16″, and 58 3/16″. The front frame rails are .120″ wall mild steel. The rear frame is offer in a ladder bar or -link set up in 24″, 26″, or 28″ wide. You will need to supply your wheelbase. The 4-link can go up to a 115″ wheelbase and the ladder bar can go up to a 127″ wheelbase. Includes body mounting plates, outriggers and driveshaft loop. All bolt-on suspenrion components are available separately.


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  • Would this frame fit a 49 chevy truck ?

    The universal frames can be used to fit any vehicle

    Question by : Hector on Dec 30, 2019 11:57:45 AM
  • what is the time frame for getting a chassis welded up and shipped?

    Currently build time is 5 - 6 weeks,

    Question by : amchotrod on Sep 4, 2020 08:26:26 AM
  • What A-arms are to be used on your universal welded frame 36-997 ? Will it come with 4 link brackets welded on? Is it set up for rack and pinion or gear box? Do I have selection of the rear frame section? What is the time frame on receiving this once ordered? Can this be used on a 1941 Willys Coupe?

    The tubular a-arms are custom to our kit, based on using  a Mustang II  spindle. This frame is based on our universal front a-arm kits and rear frame kits (ladder bar or 4-link) Just pick your front frame and rear frame and give us you wheel base. We would weld it together.  

    Question by : 67jon on Oct 29, 2020 03:06:04 PM
  • I have a 1962 impala , I’m pulling my body off my frame in the next week or so . I haven’t been able to take measurements yet . Can I send you the factory spec’s I can’t get in the painters warehouse just yet . I’m wanting the welded frame that’s 2300 , with the aluminum front mid and trunk sheet metal set. I haven’t decided on the rest of the parts , I was hoping you could show me a few different set up’s for the rear and front of parts that I aren’t included in the welded frame . I’m planing on putting 24x15 in the rear and 24x9 In the front . Or possible 26x15 rear 26x9 in front. I will order all my frame’s from you if all goes well. I will send you the factory spec’s for the 1962 impala . Also can you get me a price on the backhalf for the 1962 too. I’m trying to buy another 62 impala Other than the 1 I’m doing now

    It sounds like we can help you with the project, You should call (800)523-3353 talk to one of the sales staff so they can help.

    Question by : b.dean121 on Feb 20, 2021 01:47:00 PM

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