Roll Bars & Roll Cages are Manufactured in the USA by S&W Performance Group (S&W Race Cars.)

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  • How to choose the best Roll Bar or Roll Cage for you: Roll Bars & Roll Cages are designed to meet and exceed NHRA, IHRA and most major road race, SCCA and off-road organizations requirements for material size & thickness, but must be installed in accordance with sanctioning bodies guidelines and rules. They are designed to comfortably fit with your stock interior in place. If you desire a custom tailored fit, our team will bend a custom cage to your measurements.
  • S&W offers over 2,800 Make Model & Style Listings for Roll Bars & Roll Cages: Found on print & digital Catalog Vol.35 Pages 23 through 29. Including Domestic and Import Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s and 4×4. | Custom Cages are a specialty for custom vehicles and/or custom fitment. | Tubing is cut on our High Speed Plasma Tube Processing Center. | Tubing is precision bent on our Pines and Hossfeld tube bending machines.
  • Available Styles:  4 Point Weld In Street Bars | 8 Point Weld In Roll Bars | 10 Point Weld In Roll Cages
  • 8 Point & 10 Point available in these configurations (most): Thru Dash | Around Dash | Runner Style
  • Material Choice:  EWS | DOM | Chromoly
  • Available Upgrades and Conversions:  SCCA Upgrade | Super Stock Upgrade | Full Cage Sportsman Upgrade | Funny Car Cage Conversion | 8 Point Roll Bar to 10 Point Roll Cage Conversion | Pro Street Rear Runners | Sfi 21.1 E Cockpit Conversion | Dropped Street Sidebar | Offset Door Bars Nascar Style | Family Bars for Trucks & SUV’s.
  • Roll Bar & Roll Cage Accessories: · Swing Out Side Bar Kits · Window Nets and Window Net Release Kits · Switch Mounts · Helmet Hooks · Steering Wheel Hooks · Camera Mounts · Carbon Fiber Tubing Protectors · Replacement Pieces.

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